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Migraine headaches are not pleasant. If you or someone you care about suffers from them, you know how draining and problematic they are. Many suffer from migraine headaches hoping modern-day medicine will produce a cure. While science has done much to help identify causes of the dreaded migraine, it has not produced a reliable cure.

But there is a cure. There is a medicinal herb secret migraine cure that has a very specific combination of three herbs that eliminate migraines. It is a great health secret I am happy to share. Before I point you in the right direction, let's go over some context.

Medicinal Herbs

I've long been a fan of medicinal herbs. I've seen time after time where they deliver as promised. I've seen it in working with my own health concerns but the health concerns of friends and family members too. While I truly believe modern-day medicine is a great blessing to mankind with its emergency care, surgery and anesthesia, western medicine unfortunately is woefully lacking in producing cures to diseases and common ailments modern man is heir too.

Medicinal herbs are a great blessing to mankind too but unfortunately very few know of their efficacy. The stranglehold modern medicine and their governing institutions wield is significant. They simply don't want people to know about the disease-removing, health-producing capabilities of medicinal herbs. Why? In a word money.

Health care, medical research and pharmaceuticals are big business producing billions upon billions annually for their shareholders and stakeholders. Government is partly to blame too for they are the hand that controls what is "legal" and what is not. Government also likes the tax revenues these organizations produce. So, it's left to the honest seeker of truth to find out things on their own.

What's The Natural Migraine Cure You're Hawking and How Much Is It Gonna Cost Me?

First, I offer the knowledge free of charge, but enough preamble. This natural migraine cure that is drug free has just three herbal ingredients:

* Cayenne pepper
* Wormwood
* Culver's root

This herbal tea migraine herbal cure is quite simple to make. I should warn you though that the taste of this herbal concoction is very bitter. Putting a tablespoon of honey will help mollify the bad taste, however. I wouldn't use artificial sweeteners as it would negate the powerful effects of the tea but succanat (freeze-dried cane sugar) would work as well.

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Info on an All-Natural, Herbal Migraine Cure

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This article was published on 2010/03/31